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You have to think about your company’s culture and how your office will preserve its culture and inspire creativity. An office should be more than just furniture and walls; it should go beyond that to evoke energy and inspire creativity for your employees.
John Corcoran
28+ Years of Office Design Experience

About John Corcoran

Company founder, John Corcoran, has extensive experience in the furniture industry. He joined Steelcase, the largest office manufacturer in the world, in 1988 after working eleven years in the carpet industry for Karastan Rug Mills. John personally worked with Steelcase dealers located throughout Georgia.

In 1993, John left Steelcase, and moved into the office furniture dealer side of the business. The dealership was National Furniture Liquidators (also known as NFL), and it represented a unique opportunity working with technology startups in the Atlanta marketplace. NFL was the first office furniture dealership to sell used workstations in the Atlanta marketplace.

John spent twenty-five years with NFL and worked with hundreds of business startups through multiple economic growth cycles. Some of these startups evolved into larger public companies such as Infor and Secureworks as John continued to work with their changing office needs.

National Furniture Liquidators was rebranded in 2005 to “NFL Officeworks” due to marketplace demand for quality new office furnishings. Startups and small businesses were competing for skilled technology workers, and the office environment became an essential resource to attract and keep skilled technology workers.

In 2020, the office environment continues to evolve. Businesses need to recruit from a talent pool dominated by the millennial generation. Businesses are also affected by global events such as terrorism and pandemics. These factors influence the way people live and work. Your business needs to think differently relative to how your office works individually and collectively as a team.

Today’s global marketplace gives John a unique perspective relative to your office and how to design it. Regardless of economic cycles or world events, the essential design element of today’s office has never been more important. It still needs to bring the entire organization together and produce faster results than your competition.

Additionally, office furnishings need to adapt to constant change, and needs to support a younger millennial generation that makes up 60% of today’s workforce. Millennials want their office environment to work for them. They want significantly more flexibility relative to how they work. They want unlimited access to management and to freedom to learn from each other.

Working together efficiently as an organization has never been more critical, and it all starts with rethinking how your office needs to work for everyone and how it will adapt to future changes in technology.
Hailing originally from Berwyn, Pennsylvania, John and wife Susan have made Atlanta their hometown for the last thirty-two years. He enjoys spending time with his three daughters, Joan, Meghan, and Mary Jean, as well as walking, playing his acoustic guitar, traveling, and of course, fulfilling his role as husband and father.

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