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Your office is changing. Your employees want more from their work experience. The office needs to be more than just a destination. Today’s office needs to be better than with less space. It needs to be more collaborative. It needs to be more responsive and creative.

John Corcoran
33+ Years of Office Design Experience

About John Corcoran

Company founder John Corcoran has spent 32 years developing his wisdom and experience designing offices for small businesses. His experience spans the open office boom of the 1980s, the internet revolution of the 1990s, and a multitude of economic cycles over the last 24 years. And the most recent global event that changed everything: the pandemic.

The work environment has never changed as much as it has in the last three years. Employees want more flexibility relative to how they work and where they work. Business owners want to retain employees who are more productive and more committed to their business. Rethinking how your office responds to your organizational needs is critical to your continued success.

I can help you reinvent your office. My expertise is based on providing the best value for your purchasing dollars. I accomplish this by extending the life of existing furnishings and providing the best value on new furnishings.

Additionally, your office should have less space. Your office needs to have more open space and less walled-space. Your office building may need to offer more amenities such as training rooms and collaborative space. Your office needs to drive employees to participate and collaborate. Employees want their office environment to promote relationships that help them develop their career and give them a sense of personal development.

I can help you redesign your office and make it better. My dealership provides all the necessary services to design your office, deliver and assemble your office, and the ongoing maintenance of your office furnishings.

Re-imagining the way you work.
First Office Furniture ATL offers the very best resources, expertise, and support required to create dynamic, productive offices. We will lead you through the design process and work within your budget requirements, from planning and design to procurement and installation.
At First Office Furniture ATL we are determined to exceed your expectations.

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